Empório da Cerveja: Growth, profitability and beer


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More conversion rate

The history

The e-commerce Empório da Cerveja was created in 2011 as a B2B service of delivering handcrafted and imported beers from AB InBev that were not covered by the main sales team. In March 2015, Empório shifted its focus to the B2C market due to high consumer demand for the product of Brazilians who wanted to consume handcrafted and imported beers frequently and easily.

The challenge

Due to the extremely specific public of artisanal beer, which represents less than 1% of Brazil's beer market share, Empório needed to expand its customer base in order to increase sales, reaching its annual growth rates.

The Solution

With the artificial intelligence algorithms of Voxus and the cross-data of the website with potential audiences, it was possible to understand in an automated way potential clients who would become interested in artisanal beer. Voxus needed to find this extremely niche audience, impacting them effectively and avoiding dispersion.

With Voxus targeting algorithms and campaigns focused on highly likely customers, Empório da Cerveja managed to achieve a 2.3% conversion rate, well above other relevant e-commerce channels.

Through high-viewability banners on portals and blogs, Empório da Cerveira campaigns generated a high volume of sales while maintaining Investment Returns (ROI) of up to 10X.

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