ROI and dogs


More Investment returns in display


More conversion rate

The history

Founded in 2002 in São Paulo as the first 24 hour Pet Shop in the world, Petz today is considered the largest Pet Shop network in Brazil. The Petz online store has been active since 2008, in 2015 it was redesigned integrating the logistics of the physical stores to increase the efficiency of deliveries to keep pace with the growth.

The challenge

Petz needed to grow its base of visitors and customers in e-commerce, increasing its sales and customer recurrence mainly in regions where its brand was not so strong. The brand needed to convey the concept of convenience and "a good experience for your pet" online. Petz wanted to establish itself as the online leader and do so with profitable display campaign strategies.

The Solution

Through the collection and processing of Petz's target data and people with a strong interest in pets, Voxus's artificial intelligence algorithm was able to automate the understanding of key audiences with a high likelihood of becoming a customer.

Voxus Artificial Intelligence algorithms have been able to automatically target Petz campaigns to audiences with a strong interest in pets. Achieving a conversion rate of 1.55%.

Through high-viewability banners on premium websites and with a communication strategy focused on brand values, Petz's campaigns with Voxus generated thousands of sales and to achieve investment returns of up to 8X.

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