Privacy policy

About Voxus privacy policies:

Voxus is a technology company that works to understand the user to offer a relevant advertising experience. Our display ads are customized to bring a better experience to the users, while helping large companies better understand their audience. Our algorithms use anonymous large-scale data to understand interests and predict online behavior.

Understanding the importance of the privacy of users, in our own advertising network and through partnerships, we:

• We do not collect and sell personally identifiable information (PII);

• We collect anonymous and geographic region browsing data, and track users through keys created using cookies, IP address, and anonymous device information;

• We provide users with the option of disabling ad customization for a browser, with direct link within each of our ads;

• We always operate in accordance with the law and international standards for digital media technology. We do not consent to illegal practices in digital ads, such as hidden ads, fake ads, illegal content disclosures;

• We work with the HTTPS protocol, which is the international standard of security for communication between server and users and the data is stored on secure servers.