About us

Voxus is a technology company focused on helping e-commerces grow. By collecting data and processing it through artificial intelligence algorithms our technology is able to identify and target potential customers for any business. Voxus helps e-commerces optimize their campaigns of programmatic media, always striving for the highest return of investment to reach their business goals.

Founded in 2014, Voxus was one of the first players in the programmatic media industry in Brazil with its own proprietary technology. Initially, Voxus focused on video marketing and branding, offering solutions based on optimizing cost benefit for the advertiser. As the company grew, the amount of data collected also grew and optimizing campaigns’ performances became a competitive advantage. At the same time, the demand for display media was on the rise and thus the company shifted its focus fully into offering display media solutions for online businesses.

Investment in media must always be metrified and optimized. Voxus executes that principle by iteration, automation and continuous learning.

2.1 bi

More than 2.1 billion
impressions every month

200 mi

More than R$ 200 million
of revenue generated through Voxus campaigns during 2017

60 mi

More than 60 million
brazilian consumer profiles analized

Voxus technology understands patterns in consumer behavior by collecting data and cross referencing that data to create consumer paths. This information is used to find the right people to show ads programmatically.