Solutions for marketplace

Set up campaigns specifically segmented towards users with the highest probability of purchasing from marketplaces. By collecting billions of data points and applying artificial intelligence algorithms our technology finds the best audience to impact your sales.

E-commerces from all
industries trust in Voxus:

Data from the online marketplace industry proves
the efficiency on conversion for your funnel

Simplified campaign creation

Create campaigns quickly and conveniently in less than five minutes. Our algorithms finds the best targeting for you.

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Set your campaign goals

Set your campaign goals in a objective and measurable way and achieve the expected results.

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Campaign analysis

Analyze the performance of your campaigns in real time with ease and precision.

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Optimize your entire sales funnel

Improve all stages of your funnel from prospecting to sale, increasing your conversion rate at every stage.

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Pay just for what you consume

No membership fees and no long-term commitment. You only pay for what you consume and can pause at any time.

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With a robust platform, easy to operate and accurate algorithms, Voxus solution has a strong commitment to high performance results, which differs them to many players in the market.